Book vs. E-book Reader: Yeah, we’re still debating this!

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Photo Source: Goodreads Facebook page

I’m sure all of y’all are tired of this debate. I know I am, but I still see articles about it everywhere. I guess I’d be remiss not to at least mention it here.

I love paper books. I’m reasonably sure that that is never going to change. However, I do own a reading device. I’m not going to say which one. (More on that later.)

I didn’t follow peer pressure when Nooks and Kindles first became popular. In fact, I was squarely situated on the opposing side. I didn’t see any reason for reading devices. Books are far superior. I think this is true in all aspects but one. They sure make packing books easier.

No, I didn’t want a reading device just because all of my friends had one or because I wanted to replace my physical library of books. I just wanted one because I was curious. I finally had to admit that the digital age of books wasn’t going to suddenly decline.

My first attempts at working it were clumsy and I’m sad to say that it’s out of commission right now. That’s one reason why I don’t want to tell you which reading device is currently hidden on my shelf in a huxley cover. Popular opinion may not have swayed my decision to buy a reading device, but I did let it decide which (poorly designed and bug prone) device I bought. That coupled with my tendency to kill every piece of technology that I come into contact with means that I’ll never be a reader over book girl..

Despite that sour note, I did enjoy reading e-books on my device. I found it much like reading an article online…except longer. Okay, that doesn’t sound like the epic love note I would right about reading paper books, but I guess what I’m saying is that reading my first e-book wasn’t a traumatizing experience. I actually enjoyed it. I did miss the weight of a real book in my hand and the feel of paper turning between my fingers, but you can’t argue with something that allows you to carry all seven Harry Potter books in your purse.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not afraid that paper books or libraries are in decline, but e-books and reading devices aren’t going anywhere, either. Can’t we all just play nice?

I could debate all day long about how paper books are great, but I can’t say that reading devices aren’t good. Just because I’ve embraced e-books doesn’t meant that I have to give up on my first and only love: my paper books!

What do y’all think? Is anyone still carrying a grudge for readers? Is anyone afraid the public libraries will disappear? Or, as I’m hoping, have more of y’all embraced a dual reading experience?




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