It’s Contest Time!

As promised…here is the news that I hinted at yesterday.


Okay, so maybe this will be the end of my series of posts inspired by fairy tales. Let’s end it with a bang by trying out something new!

I’m going to hold a little writing contest. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to call yourself a writer to participate. I just want to keep this low key and fun.


Rules: Write a piece that is reminiscent of fairy tales…you can interpret that however you want…but your piece has to be under 200 words total.

Time Limit: I will keep this open for a couple of weeks.

Prize: Unfortunately, the shelves in the Golden Dragon’s library are getting a little heavy. That means I am willing to part with the three Cinderella-inspired YA books that I mentioned in an earlier post. Be warned, that post breaks down each book. IF you want to be surprised by them, you can look them up yourself: Ella Enchanted, Just Ella, and Bella at Midnight. Each tells the classic fairy tale in a unique way, and each is a solid 6 or above on my scale.

I have to be honest and tell you that i did buy them used. The spines are a little worn and showing signs of love, but they are in pretty good condition. If you have no trouble with that, then let’s continue.

That’s it. There’s no other restrictions. All that this requires is some imagination, a computer, and a US address!

One more thing, I don’t know if anyone is really going to be interested in this. To make it worthwhile, I’m going to ask for at least eight participates.

So, if you’re interested in winning some great YA books, post your writing piece in the comments and tell your friends.

Here goes nothing!


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