Story Cubes

aka A Couple of Nerds Playing the Most Awesomest Game Ever

I know that’s a rather bold statement, but you’re about to thank me for introducing you to these beauties:


They’re called Rory’s Story Cubes. My husband and I sort of collect them 🙂 .

There are various ways to play with them. The traditional way involves 9 dice – 6 from a base pack and 3 from an expansion pack. You roll all of the dice together and then each player picks one dice at a time and takes turns adding something to the story. As long as you tell a compelling and complete story, everybody wins. However, some people can get gold stars for being awesome storytellers!

It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds on paper–I promise!

My husband and I recently decided to have a story dice marathon. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes to play three rounds of dice.

Why would we do that?

We were having fun! Plus, I know that people like different kinds of stories and I wanted to try to turn some of y’all over to the fun side.

I really can’t decide which story is the best, so…I’m just going to go to town and post them all with limited commentary/asides so that y’all can get a feel for how amazing and intense this game can really be!

I recorded everything. I’ll correct some grammar and leave out the less important or off topic asides, but I will try to write down the stories just as we created them. In order to give myself time to transcribe them, and not to overwhelm you with stories, I’ll post a new one each week. It’ll be like story time here at the GoldenDragon’s library.

If one of the stories interest you, please help us decide if we gave the gold star to the right person. We could use some impartial judges.

Before we begin, I’d like to introduce y’all to the players:

TheGoldenDragon is a big English nerd who enjoys weekend reading marathons. She is a freelance writer and editor. She also interns at a small publishing house.

TheBlueTurtle is a Mechanical Engineer. He works at a company that builds commercial refrigeration units. He lets off his creative steam by playing video games and D&D.

All right…let’s get started! See you in the next post!


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