The Ilusive Reading Nook

My husband and I moved into a new apartment almost four months ago and I’m still searching for the perfect reading nook. I’ve tried reading in every room: the bedroom, the guest room/library, the living room, the kitchen…and, yes, even the bathroom.

I just can’t stop thinking about the reading nook that I had set up in my college apartment. It was a papasan chair with a soft, blue cushion. I remember jokingly saying that, since the rest of my apartment was decorated in greens and browns, it was like a still, blue lake in the middle of a forest.

It came to be a peaceful place for me, the one area of the apartment where homework was not allowed. I could often be found curled up on it, in the middle of a pile of cushions, with a cup of coffee and a book. It wasn’t the only chair I read in, of course. But even today, I remember it as my favorite place to read.

My husband says he plans on taking all of our extra pillows and fashioning a reading nook for me on the spare bed. I have no doubt that he’ll build me a comfy space, but I’m afraid that I’ll still sigh sadly when I think of my little papasan chair.

Do you have a special reading nook that you like to curl up in? Where is it? How did you make it?

Please tell me. I need some advice before I create my new reading nook.



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