The Winning Review


I’ve told y’all about the three book review/articles that launched by freelance writing career and piqued the interest of future employers who did not care one iota about YA books.

I asked if y’all wanted to read one, and here’s the one you chose. Enjoy! Let me know if this piqued your interest.

A Fresh Perspective on Dragons

I have a confession to make…I am obsessed with dragons. I love them!  As a fellow bibliophile, you must understand my concern when tales of space exploration started to fill up the bestseller lists. Books about dragons and vampires no longer dominated the shelves. My dilemma became this: How could I feed my hunger for a book that featured a new, fresh perspective on dragons? I thought my search was doomed to end in heartbreak…

Then I discovered Rachel Hartman’s YA novel, Seraphina. Hartman’s book breathes life into these iconic, scaly creatures. I should make one thing clear: If you are a die-hard “Knights of the Round Table” fan, you will be disappointed. If, however, you enjoy stories that are not focused solely on killing these magical beasts, you must read this book.

Hartman’s creatures are the Vulcans of dragon-kind. They are cunning, smart, and emotion-less. Hartman’s world-building skills are impressive, to say the least. The reader is instantly plunged into a post-knight, post-war world where dragons converse with humans, disguise themselves as humans, and, yes, consort with humans.

It is through the eyes of one of these half-human, half-dragon Ityasaari that readers are introduced to the politics of Goredd. Seraphina, however, is not your typical modern, kick-butt heroine. Like the dragons she calls kin, her strength lies in her intellect and her struggle to control her emotions. Hartman’s world comes alive on the page as Seraphina answers the questions that all young adults ask at some point in their lives: Who am I? Where do I fit in? Her unique heritage adds a new level of intrigue and drama to these queries.

Every new character, every new kingdom, shines with the authenticity of a well-researched story. And yet the history of Goredd is not laid out in page after page of boring commentary. Rather, Hartman lets her characters tell their own histories. You will be caught up in Seraphina’s world from the first page. You will hear her melodious symphonies. You will feel the tension in the air as she encounters enemies and makes allies. You will stand with her as she discovers the secret of her dragon heritage and takes her place among the hidden world of the Ityasaari.

This book has everything that the YA dragon lover could wish for: dragon battles, rich settings, complex characters, and perhaps even a few love interests. Hartman’s book does not disappoint. Pick up a copy today!!


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