Birthday Journal!

No, I’m not going to tell you my age or talk about my birthday. I just thought I’d put up an impromptu post to thank someone near  and dear to me, and talk about my love of all note-taking devices…

I love my aunt. You should really think about getting an aunt if you don’t have one. Why? Oh because they love you unconditionally, they’re a combination of a mother, a sister, and a friend blah blah blah…and they give the best presents!

You’d think I’d be tired to receiving journals for gifts, right? Surely I have enough journals by now. Wrong! I probably have too many journals, but I don’t care. Between my phone, my laptop, and my notebooks, I can keep my notes with me wherever I go.

And I can have a notebook for everything: my story ideas, my dreams, my prayers, my wishes, my shopping list. They’re kinda like sticky notes (which if you remember, I LOVE), but they’re bigger. I know, I know – Captain obvious! – but it makes me sooooo happy :).

You don’t have to get a plain, old cheap journal, either. I have plastic journals for random notes and hardback or leather journals for story ideas. I even have a journal that says “Dreams” in really pretty script on the cover. You know, for my crazy author dreams. That’s the only thing that’s really different about it, but it means a lot to me.

So back to my aunt – She’s amazing! Why? She got me a Moody Journal. It is a cross between a lined journal, a drawing journal, and an instructional journal. Whenever I get moody, I can open up the journal and color or write in it. It’s FAB-ulous! (Imagine me singing that last line.) I highly recommend it! 


Between my obsession with sticky notes and my love of journals, I feel really sorry for my husband. At least I won’t have to buy any more for awhile…unless someone buys another one for me 😀 (In that event, please pray for Kevin!) 

I love you, Aunt Claudia! And I love journals!!

**Nerdy rant over. You may all go back to your lives now…unless you have a picture of a journal you’d like to share. Don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone to be as nerdy or obsessed as I am. I just thought I’d leave that suggestion there. 😉



3 thoughts on “Birthday Journal!

    1. Haha It sounds like we both must be going through the same thing in our marriages. We should start a club: “English nerds who married outside of the club”

      That sounds cool. What kind of stationary do you like? Do you write a lot of letters or do you use it for notes?

      I feel like we’re both have the joy of having to learn patience in our marriage. Did you notice I called the book a “moody journal,” although the cover says “grumpy journal”? Obviously, I don’t get grumpy, but my huband didn’t agree with that 😉

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      1. Hahaha sounds like a good club! Oh geez, you know, I have just about everything lol sticky notes, journals (to many to count and some brand new too pretty to write in) pens, pencils, paper clips.. Totally ridiculous crap I don’t need but must have. I do a lot of writing. I used to write a lot and write a lot of letters and do a lot of arts. After having the two kids my hands are fuller than full. But my stationary draw keeps on filling. I just ordered 50 book marks… Just cause. I’m like a kid in a candy story if I walk into a stationery shop, my husband doesn’t get it.

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