What’s the Latest YA Trend?

I noticed a change in the YA trends a few years ago when I worked in the Nacogdoches Public Library. Trends take time to grow and this one is still gaining ground, but I believe it has become more popular since I left Nacogdoches. I can now say  with certainty that the latest trend in YA literature is sci-fi! That’s right: space ships and aliens rule!

But wait a minute, that’s not anything new!  Sci-Fi has been a popular YA sub-genre for a long time.

I know that sci-fi YA books have always been on the shelves, but you have to admit that whatever was popular before Twilight hit the shelves took a backseat to stories about vampires, werewolves, and other half species (Perhaps the most fascinating was half-angels. I mean, come on!) These books will still remain on YA library shelves along with the other subgenres, and authors will continue to write them.

However, I think it’s pretty hard to deny right now that the “wheel of popular trends” has come back around to rest on sci-fi. If you love sci-fi, then rejocie! This is your time to own the YA section! If, however, sci-fi isn’t your most favorite thing in the world, then rest assured in the knowledge that trends change over time. Once authors get tired of writing sci-fi, they’ll move to something else and the publishing market will move with them (or vice versa.)

The time of the Vampires is over! The time of the Spaceships is now! The time of the Dragons might be just around the corner!


6 thoughts on “What’s the Latest YA Trend?

  1. Ever read The Dragonback series by Timothy Zahn!? I’ve yet to tackle it but it is one of both my brothers favorites! It’s Sci-fi WITH DRAGONS!!!!


    1. Really? How new is it? No, I haven’t read them. Let me know if you like them.
      I was just having an interesting conversation with another blogger the other day…the lines between genres and subgenres are becoming so blurred. Do you how this book was categorized? I’m guessing that it had some kind of sci-fi sticker on it, because the future time period would probably trump any other kind of identification. I’m all for experimentation, but the increasing number of niches and subgenres is getting quite overwhelming when I’m looking for something specific.


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